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This program is a Bi-Monthly service that provides the lawn all the elements needed to keep it thick and healthy as well as bug and weed free .

Our Turf program consists of three major elements . Fertilizer , Insecticide , Weed Control , Pre-emergence .

We use custom blends of granular and liquid fertilizers to achieve the color and health of the lawn year round .

The Insecticides used ( Arena )  have curative and preventive properties to achieve a pest free lawn ( Chinch bugs , Armyworms , Grubs , Sob webworms ) . This program suppresses fire ants  so you can enjoy outdoor activities .

We perform weed Control year round. Pre-emergence applications are done in the Spring And Fall to prevent ( Crabgrass , Carpet grass and many others )   from rooting after germination

Disease Treatments are performed as needed on a case by case bases .  

Lawn Aeration : Improves the roots of your lawn , this aides in the recovery of the leaf tissue after a frost . Also improves the roots ability to move deeper. Core aeration helps the thatch build up to decompose by allowing air to areas that normally stay moist . If the lawn has fungus issues , aeration will aide in culture practices to help .   

 If a problem occurs between services there is no charge to treat the issue .  GUARANTEED  !   

YL&PC specializes in Turf Management for Home Owner Associations and Residential properties .  

Awards : Hampton Woods of Sun N Lake Of Sebring was just Awarded The Properties of Distinction For 2012 . This Property is maintained by Young's Lawn And Pest Control .

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The lawn on the left is maintianed by another company . The lawn on the right is maintained by Young's Lawn & Pest Control . This is what we think green is .