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These Bees were relocated & re-queened .

Young's Lawn & Pest Control specializes in Bee Removal . Not all Bees are bad and I do not kill all the bees treated .

Bees are very creative in choosing a place to make their home , in most cases  they find areas that are not sealed up like : Cracks in walls , Old holes that are open , Cracks around utility boxes , Water boxes in the ground , Shed Floors , Old buckets , Tires and our homes . DON'T SPRAY THE ENTRANCE this makes things worse in a matter of seconds . Just think if there is a fire at the front door and you look to go out the back door , most of the time the Bees back door is entering you home.  Treatments are not all the same and each job requires different methods to treat. 


This colony of bees made their home in a old cypress home on Lake June . I located the colony and made a precision cut so the repair was simple .

These bees made their home in the roof of a tac barn . We had to remove the wood to remove the bees .4/24/13

This is a prime example . Bee job gone wrong ,foam is most commonly used to fix bee issues and are not successfuly. I constantly run in to this . Call us first and I will do a professional job the first time .

Young's Lawn & PC Has treated over 150 jobs since 2007 . I will guarantee the job as long as the customer will fallow up with the instructions I leave with them .  YL & PC does not repair the bee site . 

To Date YL & PC has removed one colony of Africanized Bees ( hybrids 5 th generation ) .   

 AHB Certified Since 2008