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Shrub spraying - This application consist of a dual action pesticidet hat has a contact and systemic properties that suppresse damageing pest . With a custome blend of liquid fertilizer and minors to promote green and healthy plants. Fungus is treated as needed .

This program is done Quarterly or 4 times per year.

Tree Management .

Tree fertlization - is done with a granular product .  Aborjet Tree injection has made managing pests and providing  MICRO nutreints a very simple process . This system doese not require canopy spraying or root drenches to acheive control of most issues in 36 hours after treatment . I can treat trees and palms in areas the other methods could not be used : Food Areas , Public areas , Parking lots . Rain has no effect  . Around a lake or pond .  

                                                                         See The Bee .

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